on September 23, 2020

We can hear all of you think... are there even such things as trends when half the world is in shutdown mode?! The answer is yes! Because believe it or not, (masked) fashion shows are a thing and have set the trend for this Fall season, mostly trying to take into account that you will have to wear these looks with a rather face-distorting mouth covering. Also, there is no reason why you should not look cute and on trend on Zoom or in front of your TV! 

So here they are, fresh from the runways and worn by celebrities, the 7 biggest makeup trend for Fall 2020.


Floating eye liner
Instagram/ @sirjohn
We are, and have been for a while, OBSESSED with this trend! Maybe not the most straightforward one to wear on a casual Zoom call but this trend just screams high fashion! Take your eyeliner brush and make very subtle high and lower lines, never closing the full eye. Pair with a strong eye liner around the eyes and a good wing!

Bring that blush back!

Instagram/ @nikki_makeup
Blush in either in or out and it looks like it is definitely IN this Fall. Leave your dark contour to the side and use your blush or contour brush instead to very subtly contour your cheeks with a matte and light rose blush. 

Full and fluffy brows

Instagram/ @lilycollins
This trend has been going on for a while and we have to be honest that we are happy to see over plucked eye brows make a comeback never! Take some eye brow gel and your eye brow brush and just comb you brows upward. Filling in some of the gaps never hurts, but make sure to use strokes to recreate this look.

Dark lips... for non-mask wearing moments only

Instagram/ @adamburrell
Dark lips are having a moment. Use your favourite lipstick in combination with your lip brush to achieve that even smooth finish. Not recommended to wear under your mask... keep this for the Zoom sessions instead.

Seeing blue

Instagram/ @danessa_myricks
Blue is the colour of choice this fall and we cannot quite decide whether that is because of its gorgeous and versatile shade or whether it is the most obvious colour to wear with the blue disposable masks... either way, we love blue as it complements any skin colour! Take your favourite eye blending brush and blend, blend, blend!

Amp up that glow

Instagram/ @danessa_myricks
It really is all about that glow in this no-makeup makeup trend. Lots of subtle highlight on the tip of the nose, cheeksbones, forehead and sure, neck and shoulders if you want to show that off. To recreate this look, use professional, precise brushes to pinpoint the highlighter where it needs to catch the light, and use a large, fluffy brush to dust off any excess glow. 

Two toned eye shadow

Getty Images
We love this two-version of a smokey eye. Use a lighter colour on top, then take a flat eye brush or a smudger  to add some depths under the eyes with a darker coloured shade.