on February 02, 2019


Our brand is all about empowering girls and women to stand out from the crowd, both in beauty and in life, as the name Loella (meaning 'famous warrior') suggests. To stand by our brand mantra, we are literally empowering girls all over the world with each makeup brush we sell. Loella is super proud to partner with #iamtheCODE, a foundation that is teaching girls in disadvantaged communities the skills and confidence to become the coders and tech entrepreneurs of the future.

iamthecode foundation#iamtheCODE is a pivotal movement to mobilise governments, business and investors to support young women in STEAMED (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship and Design) through learning how to code, creative learning and cracking problems. #iamtheCODE has been recognised by the World Economic Forum, UBS, Microsoft, The UN High Level Economic Empowerment, and UN Women for its methodology around STEAMED education.

The mission of #iamtheCODE is to build a generation of 1 million women and girls coders by 2030. Through technology and digital literacy training, they are tackling the current global STEAMED skills shortage in marginalised communities and thereby creating the next generation of digital leaders.

Loella is supporting #iamtheCODE through on the ground projects as well as donating 10pence of every brush we sell to #iamtheCODE. We are doing our modest part in changing the world, one brush at a time!

Visiting hackathonOn 27 October, we visited a hackathon in Kingston, to experience first-hand what the foundation does and how it works with the children. The day kick started with an extremely inspiring talk by founder Marieme Jamme, who is a remarkable lady and really shows by example that you can overcome your childhood circumstances and become anything you want to be. After that, the children brainstormed in smaller groups about technological solutions for the world’s biggest problems (we are talking hunger, climate change and human rights!) and then got tasked to build together a computer from parts and then programme their solution into an app or software programme.

Needless to say, we came away shocked and extremely impressed by how creative, smart and technologically capable the next generation is! At the end of day, our founder Nadine was able to quickly speak as well about our collaboration with #iamtheCODE and how Loella strives to help in our aligned vision for the next generation.

Click here to learn more about #iamtheCODE or to donate!