on August 25, 2018

Why and how often to clean your makeup brushes

Undoubtely you have heard many times before that a flawless makeup look starts with the tools you use to apply your makeup products. Good quality makeup brushes can make all the difference in blending out those awful edges and creating that Riri-worthy glow! However, no one wants to be talking about their brush cleaning routine, because lets be honest… if it is once a year it might have been a good year?! Do not despair, you are in great company! But besides buying continuously new makeup brushes (which for the record, we are okay with!) you might want to reconsider your cleaning routine! 

Without going into too many disgusting details, suffice to say that all sorts of nastiness (think bacteria, oils, dead skin, dust, old makeup residue) build up in the bristles of your brushes over time. And with ‘over time’, we mean weekly! This is particularly the case for brushes used with liquid products, as more product will be left behind on the brush, and brushes that are left in the open when not in use. Continuing to put all of this nastiness on your face can cause acne, rashes, breakouts and if you are really unlucky and use eye brushes… an eye infection! Say bye bye to your Riri-glow. 

As to how often you should be cleaning your brushes, we already alluded to it above… the experts i.e. makeup artists and dermatologists say weekly! However, it does depend on how heavy of a makeup user you are, and how often you change colours for that matter. With so many other important things to do (watching Youtube videos, cleaning our rooms, walking the dog, Netflix and chill, removing nail polish and applying a new coat) we understand this might sound a bit unrealistic, so lets at least agree on making it a monthly thing rather than a yearly thing?

And we promise, that feeling once all your brushes are fresh and clean is ALMOST as satisfying as buying pretty new brushes!

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xoxo Loella team