The Femme Fatale collection

Loella has teamed up with professional makeup artist Sarah Exley, Head of Makeup at X-Factor and Love Island, to create a set of 12 makeup brushes every makeup lover and makeup artist should have in their kit. 

Together, we aimed to design a professional brush set that is comprehensive, includes some trusted favourites but also facilitates modern techniques and makeup trends.  You will find for example brushes specific for nose contouring, tight lining and precise highlighting.

Loved by the MUA of Gal Gadot, Serena Williams and Jessica Chastain these brushes have been spotted on TV and movie sets. However, all the brushes have been designed with an eye on fast and easy application, so you do not have to be professional to get the most of out these brushes!

Oh... and shipping is for FREE worldwide!

"Firstly, I have the Femme Fatale collection and I genuinely have them ALL in my working kit - is hard to choose as I love them all but if I had to pick my faves, it would be the precision powder brush, the under eye blending brush, the tight liner brush and the squared lip brush."

- Sarah Brock, MUA to Gal Gadot and Anne Hathaway -

Professional quality

Our Femme Fatale collection was designed to provide MUA quality for an affordable price. Our brushes are used by working MUAs all over the world so we know that we are delivering that professional quality to you!

Vegan and cruelty free

We do not believe in beauty that harms animals and certainly not in the need to have animal hairs on your face daily! All our brushes are vegan and cruelty free, made of the softest synthetic bristles.

Giving back

We are very proud to partner with the amazing foundation #iamtheCODE, who are teaching girls all over the world coding and STEM skills. We donate 10p of each brush we sell!

Hear from Sarah Exley herself

SARAH EXLEY Head of makeup at X-Factor and Love Island

“Makeup brushes are the tools of my trade and every makeup artist dreams of having one set of brushes that does it all, from flawless base application to precise eye and lip work. I designed this set with the chaos of backstage in mind - all brushes allow for fast yet precise application to get the job done.

I am a strong believer in making the makeup industry cruelty free and affordable, so working with Loella to create a high quality, affordable, professional brush range was a no-brainer. I am so excited to share our shared vision with this brush set!” 

"I love the Femme Fatale Collection. The brushes are gorgeous and they feel like cotton candy on the skin - so airy and soft."

- Mai Quynh, MUA to Sandra Oh and Jessica Chastain -

This brush set includes the following brushes:

  • Bronzed beauty Bella - Large bronzer brush
  • Fancy foundation Fai - Firm foundation brush
  • Glowed up Gemma - Cheek-shaped highlighter brush
  • Killer contour Kirsty - Domed contour brush
  • Straight nosed Susan - Nose contour brush
  • Precise powder Pauline - Precision powder brush
  • Angled angel Anna - Angled eye shadow brush
  • Dreamy eyed Dermot - Under eye blending brush
  • Smoke show Sally - Eye smudger brush
  • Zig zag Zoila - Tightliner and eyeliner brush
  • Dazzling brows Dee - Detailed brow brush
  • Lip loving Lysette - Squared lip brush 

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